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Award-Winning Brands - Award-Winning Distribution

Welcome to Windwave. We are an independent and award-winning distributor of high-end bicycles and cycling components based in Gosport, on the South Coast. We are the exclusive distributor for our brands, supplying dealers and cycling retailers throughout the UK and Eire.

Formed in 1987 originally as a manufacturer of sailing and windsurfing products (hence the name), we became interested in cycling in the early 90s, just as mountain biking boomed, and since then have added many prestigious brands along the way.

Today, Windwave offers some of the best products on the market, in all areas of cycling, from Road, MTB, Triathlon, Cyclocross, Gravel and Urban.

Our business is built upon our network of dealers because we're big believers in the importance of the local bike shop (LBS). Your LBS offers invaluable service and advice tailored to your needs. Because we value this relationship, you'll find many of our products are available to pick up at an ever-expanding set of click and collect partners all over the country.

With a huge warehouse and super-efficient dispatch facility in place however, it also made sense for us to make our great ranges directly available to the end consumer too. Whilst stock priority is always given to our stockists, you'll find the majority of our products available for home delivery too.

Our Company Founder

It all started in April 1987 with a passion for windsurfing.

Peter Nisbet, founder of Windwave, was an avid high-performance windsurfer. Equipment available in the UK at that time didn't survive in extreme conditions. Basing his designs on products bought back from Hawaii, Peter came up with a range of 'bullet-proof' parts including a design for a quick-release base which was the toughest on the market at the time. By cutting, swaging and bending tube himself, and subcontracting machined parts locally, a range was born.

As a young start-up, he relied on a third-party distributor to sell the product around the country; but when his designs sold like wildfire, Peter decided to bring the distribution of the product back in-house. The range expanded rapidly to include booms, masts, harnesses amongst others and an in-house produced range of dinghy tillers and extensions. A distribution network was set up in France, Belgium, Holland and Spain and the business grew.

When the windsurfing industry started losing momentum in the 90s, the cycling industry started picking up mainstream interest with the rise of off-road mountain biking.

Peter noticed that shift among his customers and reached out to Club Roost, an up-and-coming parts manufacturer from California to strike up a distribution deal in 1991.

The investment was worth it as the first lot sold through in days, and Windwave's move to cycling was born. Shortly after in 1992, Peter introduced a young brand called FSA to the UK. 35 years on and FSA is still one of Windwave's strongest brands, and Windwave one of FSA's longest serving and biggest distributors.


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Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our customer service. Windwave has and will always be a people first organisation, and as such we'll always strive to solve your problems as if they were our own. Whether you're enquiring about a return, a warranty issue or spare parts, just give us a call and we'll do our best to help

Technical Support

With a fully equipped workshop and a team of experienced technicians in place, we run a full bike build, servicing & repairs service in-house. Whether you're after an epic custom build, need your DVO suspension tuning, a full service or want your shiny new parts installed then you know where to go. We know our brands through and through, so we can support you.


Windwave is more than just a workplace. Many of us have been here for over a decade (if not two!) so for some, it's like a second family.

Riding is in our DNA. We've ridden every type of bike throughout the last three decades and during that period we've seen every bit of tech innovation come to life first-hand.

Whether it's the office, workshop or warehouse team, or our guys on the road, we're always working together to make sure we deliver the right product at the right time.